Brooks Chambers

Creative Director

Brooks Chambers

Illustrated Brooks Chambers

Hi there; I’m Brooks! I’m a creative director and brand design leader based in Nashville, Tennessee. I came into creative direction by way of brand strategy and copywriting, thriving on both the big picture and the minute details of every brand I work with. I currently lead the Brand Studio at GitHub, and hail from companies like Dropbox, Twitch, Loom, and more. For a complete list of companies I’ve worked with, please check my résumé or Linkedin.

Mode is a business intelligence platform that clears the path from data to impact. Since joining, I’ve had the opportunity to build a Brand Studio from scratch while leading and creative directing an award-winning rebrand in partnership with the amazing teams at Gretel and Fuzzco.

Credits: Gretel, Fuzzco, Gregg Taxerman, Cathy Kwon

Loom helps people bring their work to life with video messaging. While there, I had the chance to help lead a complete in-house rebrand, while also creative directing product launches, campaigns, and video spots.

Credits: Judson Collier, Stewart Scott-Curran, Jordan Egstad, Ben Fryc, Sandwich

Intercom is on a mission to make internet business personal. While there, I helped lead the team through multiple campaigns and launches, as well as a complete rebrand.

Credits: Stewart Scott-Curran, Dani Balenson, Kyle Wayne Benson, Chelsea Spratling, Carly Wright, Justin Pervorse, Lily Wang, Jason Yim, Instrument

In my spare time, I love to doodle, illustrate, and draw. I love creating visuals that have a sense of tactility to them.

I got into design by way of printmaking and learned color theory while mixing inks by hand. I still love any and every opportunity to bring brands to life in the physical world – there’s something so fun and rewarding about making something you can hold in your hands.